Future Now is Europe’s leading manufacturer specializing in creating white label nicotine pouch brands for its partners. From scratch to a ready-to-sell product, we have got it all covered. We are ready to go, are you? If so contact us today.

White label

Leading White Label Nicotine Pouch Manufacturer

Start your own white label brand with us

Superior quality. Fast lead times. Small minimum order quantities. Affordable pricing. Future Now Limited is the largest white label nicotine pouch manufacturer in the UK. We support hundreds of companies around the world with premium private label nicotine pouches that are exceptional flavour and quality.

Together we will
  • Go through exactly what you want to achieve
  • Look at the target market and current consumer data
  • Consider all factors surrounding
  • Work out and create the flavours exactly how you want them
  • Create something your customers will love
  • Support you with a retail and logistics strategy

After the initial meeting, there will be a clear understanding and we will know your brand and your needs. 

Now all that’s left is for our team to take action and get things moving!

Future Now team will
  • Plan and produce a few product samples. We can use both new and existing recipes we have created to meet your requests for your new private label nicotine pouches.
  • Create and produce the artwork and the design for the packaging that will feature on the tins.
  • When all the product elements are approved by you and you’re happy, your brand-new private label nicotine pouches are ready for production!
  • The production will be done by our group of specialists and together we will assure the end-product meets your brand standards.

And as easy as that, your product is ready to be sold and now we can start distributing and selling your OEM nicotine pouches according to our previously agreed retail and logistics strategy.

The future is here, now.


Nailing your design and creating your brand identity

Once we have figured out who you are as a brand, it’s time to build the identity that will bring your brand to life and show who you are to the people who matter most: your customers.

Our team of expert designers have a vast amount of years of experience between them, specializing in creating brand designs for companies around the world. We can design all the artwork needed for your private label nicotine pouches:

  • Logos
  • Product labels
  • Product intros
  • Marketing materials
  • Landing pages
  • Brand / Product websites

The label design aspect of this process is no different for the creation of your nicotine pouches. We will listen to all of your requests and needs, and take these in to create something that will appeal to your target market audience.

You can be sure that our team of experts will work hard to present you designs that suit your brand and market. 


Your brand – Our expertise

Nicotine pouches are a new, modern nicotine product with huge market growth potential. Among all nicotine products available, the nicotine pouches offer the most attractive margins for the retailers. Having over 20 years of experience of manufacturing and trading various nicotine products worldwide, our team is in perfect position to support you in creating your own brand.

Our superior manufacturing capability provides the foundation for Future Now to supply you an exceptional mass market white label solution for shops and retail chains, both nationally and internationally. Contact us and we will tell you more about the nicotine pouches manufacturing process and what can be achieved by working with us at FutureNow.

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Future Now is a full-service private labeller of nicotine pouches. Future Now offers a turnkey solution by starting at scratch and ending with a ready-to-sell product for your brand. Future Now does not sell any products directly to the consuming public. To purchase our products, you must qualify as a valid distributor or retailer of nicotine pouches.

Our private label nicotine pouches are manufactured in our premium quality facility with strict quality standard processes, procedures, and products.

We offer lowest minimum quantities in the market, fast lead times, and fast process. We supply superior quality with reasonable prices to help you get your brand off the ground.